Niles crane valentines day clipart

Niles, like Frasier, is haughty, snobby and fussy, has gourmet tastes, and was described by an interviewer at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer as obsessive-compulsive. He frequently wears double breasted suits and Trafalgar limited-edition suspenders. Although Frasier also plays the piano, when they make music together Niles plays while Frasier sings. He is an admirer of the fine arts including opera, theatre, and classical music, drinks fine wine and enjoys French food which he himself cooks, and frequently obsesses about knowing the right people and climbing the social ladder. At Cafe Nervosa, the coffee house he frequents with Frasier and other friends and family members, Niles’ usual is a latte with a “whisper” of cinnamon, and occasionally chocolate shavings or nutmeg. According to Daphne, he “would eat a worm if she gave it a French name,” while Frasier at one point says, “I’m a teamster compared to you!”

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