What is a clipart? This is a set of graphic elements, from which they then “assemble” the whole picture (that is, they make an image). Moreover, clipart is not only these “puzzle pieces”, but also ordinary photographs. It exists in any graphic format. That is, for programs that work with vector graphics – vector clipart, and for programs that are “sharpened” for bitmap graphics (a vivid example of this is the familiar Paint) – raster. One of the options for using a clip art is to create a desktop wallpaper on your computer (if you like, call it hand-made). In addition to wallpaper, clipart is often used in the design of posters. And who just cannot do without a clip art is a webmaster. And all because precisely the clipart is its main working tool ..

So where does he get his roots from? It all starts back in the middle of the 20th century. So called the method of making illustrations for wall newspapers and other “homemade” press at a time when the computer was something of a fantasy. Everything was arranged very simply – the desired picture was simply cut out from a magazine and pasted on a wall newspaper. Of course, to some extent, clipart, as a computer craft, appeared in the 70s, photocomposition, but from time to time the above tricks passed with him.

But as an independent type of graphics, clipart was born in the early 80s. Around the same time, the first laser printer models began to enter the market, thanks to which it became possible to prepare documentation with decent print quality. For the clipart, it was a significant push forward. The first libraries appear (the first vector clipart library appears in 1987). This library quickly “overgrown” with users and became an icon for the whole industry. So, after 9 years, the T / Maker library comes out with a volume of half a million illustrations. A little later, Microsoft followed T / Maker by embedding 80 WMF files in Microsoft Word 6.

Now these libraries are mainly created using the Internet. As a rule, pictures are licensed and can only be used for non-commercial use.

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